Psychotherapy / Counselling

Is therapy for me?

People access psychotherapy for many reasons. If you believe that you could benefit from developing new skills and realizing new insights to better your everyday life, regulate your emotions, or meet your full potential. Many people access counselling well before they feel out of control to help themselves build capacity to cope with change and challenge.


What can you expect in a session?

In the first session, we will discuss confidentiality and expectations, and we will discuss your goals for therapy. If you’re unsure of what goals you have for therapy, we can develop those together. We will check-in during each session based on current situations, follow up based on insights developed since the previous session and realign with the goals that we set.

Emilie Sutton

Counselling can be scary and we get that! It can be tough to open and engage with a stranger about challenges and any current or past struggles. We are here to provide a safe, comforting and supportive space and give you time for you to explore these difficulties.

Emilie is a Registered Psychotherapist with the College of Registered Psychotherapist of Ontario. She graduated from Yorkville University from their Counselling Psychology Masters Program (2015) and also has her undergrad degree in Criminology from the University of Western Ontario.

Emilie has experience in helping many individuals through trauma, grief, fears and even PTSDĀ stemming from motor vehicle accidents. She also has a focus in helping people with anxiety, depression, loss, grief, life transitions, suicidal ideation/self-harm, bullying, anger, relationship difficulties, chronic pain and more. She uses cognitive behavioural strategies, solution focused and narrative based approaches when addressing her clients’ concerns. She is open and honest with clients and believes this is essential in developing our therapeutic relationship. We encourage, challenge, give suggestions and allow clients to express all emotions in a non judgemental environment.

We are passionate about mental health and excited to help you on your journey.

Emilie is offering individual therapy sessions during the week and on weekends. Sessions are approximately 50 minutes long, a session costs $120.00 and many insurance plans cover psychotherapy.

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