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Walk like a penguin‘ to prevent falls during slippery conditions! What may seem like a little fall can have large consequences.

Dr. Michelle Campbell explains.

Don’t Overdo It!

Exercise is a wonderful thing, but you have to make sure you listen to your body!

Dr. Michelle Campbell explains.

The Swing of Things

A sport that’s enjoyed by many, but it can come with a wide array of injuries if you’re not careful.

Dr. Michelle Campbell explains.

Pregnancy back pain.

During a healthy pregnancy, women typically gain between 25 and 35 pounds. Find out how chiropractic care can help.

Dr. Michelle Campbell explains.

Slip sliding away.

Shovelling snow can be very hard on your body. Here are a few tips on how to lessen the impact on your body.

Dr. Michelle Campbell explains.

Heels can be a real pain in
the back for women.

How can you minimize the stress on your low back and feet to avoid unnecessary pain?

Dr. Michelle Campbell explains.

Technology  can be
a real pain in the neck.

How can you try to avoid neck strain and discomfort while still staying connected?

Dr. Michelle Campbell explains.


Athletic Performance and Chiropractic

Is Chiropractic Legitimate? Interview w Outlaws of Health

Concussions and Chiropractic Interview w Outlaws of Health



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