Friday morning Chiropractic adjustments are feeling gooood!!!


Here is one example of how we, as Chiropractors, perform mid back and neck adjustments.  This technique is called diversified.

We also use drop adjustments, activator adjustments and other hands on techniques that work best for each individual person.

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Psoas stretch for tight hip flexors


When we sit all day, our hip flexors can become shortened and tightened.

Give this psoas stretch a try to relieve low back pain and increase hip mobility.



Upper body mobility exercise for your shoulders and upper back

Many of us are sitting a lot more than usual, from working at home and online learning.  We are all under more stress than normal and we need to take care of our body!

This is an effective and simple stretch to help with back pain when sitting down all day.

This exercise is super easy and all you need is a wall!

Let me know how it goes!