How to improve your balance and help to prevent chronic ankle sprains


In this video, I show 3 variations of how to improve your balance, ankle proprioception and strength. We want your brain and body to communicate and for you to have proper ankle strength in order to stand on one foot without falling over.

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Sore wrist and hand? Maybe this can help!


So many of us are sitting for long periods on the computer and desk and our wrists can get sore.

Did you know Chiropractors can help?

Watch this video to see how Dr. Michelle assesses and adjusts the wrist and hand.


Stiff neck in the morning? Try this!



Many of my new patients coming to me share that they have a stiff neck in the morning.

These stretches can help to improve your mobility and get your muscles working!

These movements can help with those of you who feel that achey, tired or stiff feeling in the neck.

Any questions, as always, comment below or send me a message. We are here to help!