The root cause of your pain


Sometimes where we feel our pain isn’t really where it’s coming from.

Dr. Michelle, London Ontario Chiropractor, explains how she takes a whole-body approach to her Chiropractic Care ___________________________________________________

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Figure Four Stretch for low back pain and hip mobility


The figure 4 stretch is a favourite stretch to help hip mobility.

The stretch targets the glutes.

Key takeaways: – sit up tall – chest out, head up – always do both sides – hold the stretch for 30 seconds – make sure to do them 2- 3 times a day. As always, if it is painful, contact your health professional.

When picking up a pen gives you back pain


Does picking up a pen give you pain?

Of course, it isn’t that one instance of picking up a pain that does it. It is the cumulative effect of many hours, days and years of damage.

One injury or problem builds and builds so that simple everyday tasks can give you pain and symptoms. Poor mobility, nutrition, sleep, exercise, stress management and posture … can all lead to significant issues in our bodies.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

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How do we test your function at your first visit?


Get a sneak peek at what an Initial Visit consists of in our office here at Campbell Chiropractic Centre!

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Campbell Chiropractic Gives Back

We are part of a wonderful community in London, and we want to give back!

Dr. Michelle was inspired at the London Chamber of Commerce awards early this week by Anderson Ales, a local business award winner. Congratulations!

We have decided to donate a portion of sales from one shift per month to a deserving local charity.

We will pick a different charity each month.

The choice will be based on local London charities and charities that are meaningful and special to us as staff members.

Our first charity is local to us – they are our neighbour – and is very meaningful to Tiffany.



SI Joint Adjustments for Low Back Pain


This video is for you if you have sacroiliac or low back pain and are wondering, “What can Chiropractors do to help me?’

I show different ways we can help you with a drop adjustment, activator adjustment, muscle releases, and even the diversified adjustment.

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Did you know I had back pain too? This exercise helped me a lot.

I used to be a figure skater in my younger years.  And I LOVED it!  For so many reasons.  But, it did cause me some chronic low back pain in my adult years.

This is one of the exercises that helped me heal my low back pain and help my hips and glutes to fire the way they are supposed to so I could live pain-free again!

The clamshell exercise helps people with knee pain, hip pain, or back pain. It strengthens both the gluteus medius and the gluteus Maximus.

Please give it a try and let me know if this is something you need help with – we are here for you!