SI Joint Adjustments for Low Back Pain


This video is for you if you have sacroiliac or low back pain and are wondering, “What can Chiropractors do to help me?’

I show different ways we can help you with a drop adjustment, activator adjustment, muscle releases, and even the diversified adjustment.

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Did you know I had back pain too? This exercise helped me a lot.

I used to be a figure skater in my younger years.  And I LOVED it!  For so many reasons.  But, it did cause me some chronic low back pain in my adult years.

This is one of the exercises that helped me heal my low back pain and help my hips and glutes to fire the way they are supposed to so I could live pain-free again!

The clamshell exercise helps people with knee pain, hip pain, or back pain. It strengthens both the gluteus medius and the gluteus Maximus.

Please give it a try and let me know if this is something you need help with – we are here for you!


Chiropractic and Kids


Starting Tuesday, July 26, CCC offers $50 off our new patient child exams.

Now is the time for you to get your child’s spine checked before starting school in September. Book online between July 26 – 28 to schedule your appointment for August.

Limited Spots Available. 

We are here to help!


Chiropractic isn’t for me


But … WHY NOT ?!?!

We offer many different styles of Chiropractic care, with three different doctors at Campbell Chiropractic Centre.

We do not offer a cookie-cutter approach.

We customize and are unique to you.

We can use the activator tool, drop table adjustments, diversified adjustments, muscle release, medical acupuncture, pressure points, cranial work, extremity adjusting, pediatric and pregnancy adjustments, prescription exercises, and lifestyle advice.

There are many different ways that we can help you.

Even if you have tried Chiropractic before, a different approach with us might work for you. We are here to help.