2 easy stretches for low back pain

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Check out my 3 and half minute video on 2 super easy hip stretches for low back pain.  We all know that we sit too much and when we do, our hip flexors and gluts tend to tighten up.  So whether you have pain or not, these are two great and easy stretches to do while at the office, at home watching TV, or on a rest stop during your drive.




Dr. Michelle




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Wrist work that reduced pain and tension in my forearms and wrists

Hi everyone!

As a Chiropractor, I use my forearms and wrists a LOT!  I am constantly gripping and releasing soft tissue and muscles, moving bodies (no, not the way they do in a horror movie … lol ) and adjusting joints in the body.

When I first started practice (8 years ago – wow!), my forearms would ache at times and I would feel some tension and weakness in my wrist joints. Over the years, I built up strength in my wrists, but just last year, I was finding my forearms were getting more and more tired as I was seeing more people in my practice.

So … what did I do about it?

I got some massage work on my forearms and had my wrists adjusted,  but I also started to do a wrist stretching / strengthening routine from my friends at Hybrid Fitness. I was told to do this every day, and I must admit, I likely did it 3 times per week, and it still worked for me!

Check out my video on my version of a wrist routine that worked for me and that I continue to do a few times per week for maintenance.

Dr. Michelle




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Top Neck Stretches to do while sitting at your desk

Hi everyone!


Watch me in this video as I demonstrate and show you 3 easy neck and upper body stretches that you can do to help to relieve your upper back and neck pain while sitting at your desk. If possible, standing up and doing these moves would be even better if it is possible.


And as always, MOVE MORE! Get out and exercise for 30 – 60 minutes a day. It is one of the best things you can do for your spine, especially if you are seated for most of the day.


Other than regular Chiropractic adjustments of course  🙂

In Health and Happiness,

Dr. Michelle



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** This Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of a qualified health provider with any questions you may have.


Better athletic performance and recovery

Wow!! She goes from a debilitating hip injury 6 weeks ago thinking she wouldn’t run her marathon last weekend to healing the hip, clearing some upper spinal issues as well, and not only completing her race, but running a personal best, qualifying for Boston and placing second in her age category. Chiropractic is great for healing, but also for increased performance and recovery! What athlete doesn’t want to be at their best and take every advantage possible ?!? ‪



rhonda running marathon



In her own words:


“Six weeks out from the Ann Arbour 2016 Marathon, I suffered a debilitating hip injury that left me unable to run.  After two weeks of trying to heal myself and getting no relief, I called the Campbell Care Centre. Dr. Campbell and Laura Peach (massage therapist) work hard to help my body heal from its injury and get me into better shape than ever. Thanks to the excellent care I received at the clinic not only did I run a personal best time, but I ran a Boston Marathon qualifying time and placed second in my age category. Throughout the run and after the race I felt great. My recovery was quicker than after any previous race. Today I am happily training for the Forest City Road Race half marathon and planning to run the Hamilton Road 2Hope marathon in the fall. As I train for these races I know the Campbell Care Centre will be a big part of my routine. Thank you Dr. Campbell and Laura for your fabulous care….I couldn’t have done it without you!”

Snow Shoveling

Safe Shoveling!

I want to help you stay safe this winter and protect your body while out in the cold, shoveling snow. As a Londoner, you never know when we’ll get hit with that first big snowfall.

The Ontario Chiropractic Association has a Lift Right, Shovel Light campaign to educate the public of the risks that are associated with shoveling and how to minimize them. As shoveling is a common cause of back pain in the winter, I would like to share this campaign with you!

Before you start shoveling there are a few things you need to consider:

1. Hydrate! Drink plenty of water before heading outside
2. Dress appropriately. Wear several layers to start and remove the layers as needed.
3. Proper footwear. Ensure your shoes or boots have solid treads to help reduce the risk of slipping or falling
4. Pick the right shovel! Ideally a lightweight, non-stick and push style shovel is what you should use. Keep in mind, the more snow you pick up at one time, the more stress there is on your body, therefore lift an amount of snow comfortable for you.
5. Warm up! Just like with any exercise, it is important to warm up your muscles before getting started. Before rushing out to the driveway, shovel in hand, go for a quick walk or get your joints moving to increase your blood circulation.

Now onto shoveling! Who here knows the proper shoveling technique? Keep on reading to see if you’ve been shoveling correctly, in the safest manner.

1. Do not throw the snow, PUSH it! Push the snow to one side and try your best not to throw it. However, if you must throw it, avoid twisting and turning your body
2. Keep your back straight! As a chiropractor, I like to say, keep your back in a neutral position. This means you will need to bend your knees and use your leg and arm muscles to push and lift the snow.
3. Watch out for ice. Put some salt down to help your feet grip the ground.

Now you’ve got the tools and knowledge to stay safe while shoveling!

Dr. Jen


5 tips to stay healthy at Christmas

I know it doesn’t look like it outside with the beautiful weather we’ve been having, but, it is less than one month until Christmas! Wow! We spent last weekend decorating our house for Christmas. It made it real that we are about to get into the full swing of the season soon – the holiday parties, work parties, time spent at malls, extra time spent baking and cooking, taking children to their activities and parties and whatever else is added to your already full plate. I know how busy Christmas time can be and I know it adds extra stress to our lives, so I wanted to share my 5 steps to help you cope with the Christmas madness.




Here are my 5 top tips to stay healthy for you busy professionals and busy moms out there!


1) Drink water! We tend to drink more alcohol than usual and/or eat more sweets during the holiday season and with that, it is even more important to drink more water. Try adding an extra 2 -3 glasses of water on those days you know you will indulge more than usual. An easy way to do this is drink a large glass of water first thing in the morning before you eat breakfast and again right before you eat lunch. Then drink the rest of you water as usual throughout the day.


2) SLEEP!!! This is an area that I always find gets interrupted in stressful times. Do your best to create a quiet and calm sleep environment and if you have a busy child filled household, take turns with your spouse and sharing extra sleeping time. You can also click HERE to learn more about a blog I previously wrote on sleep.


3) Keep exercising! Not only is it good to burn those extra holiday calories, it is also good way to rid the body of stress and to keep your body strong. It also helps with getting a more restful sleep. Move your body!


4) Continue getting your regular Chiropractic adjustments!   I find adjustments help my body to handle stress better, they help to prevent injuries and other health concerns. Adjustments are not an area to slow down frequency in times of busyness and stress – it is an area to increase! Listen to your body.


5) Supplement with high quality vitamins. My top 3 supplements are multi-probiotics for a healthy digestive track and immune system, Vitamin D due to our lack of sunlight in the winter months and to help with mood and all over body function, and omega 3 fish oils to help balance internal inflammation and can curb stiffness and joint pain. I offer Douglas Labs supplements in our office for our patients to purchase.


Hope these quick 5 tips help to keep you as healthy and stress free over the holiday months.


Dr. Michelle