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Custom Orthotics and How They Can Help You

Dr. Michelle explains how a pair of custom Orthotics can help improve your base of support. _________________________________________

Curious about how a Chiropractor can help you with your foot pain?

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The Only Way Out is Through

Did you know Dr. Michelle was recently on a podcast?

The Chiropractic Philanthropist is a podcast created for Chiropractors. Weekly conversations with Chiropreneurs & Entrepreneurs that have experienced both the highs and lows of practice, business and life, what they have learned and applied from these struggles and challenges, and practical advice and encouragement to inspire you to new heights in Chiropractic practice.

Click here to listen to Dr. Michelle share her experiences building her businesses, Real Estate Investing and her MBA.

You can also check out her website here for more information and a free download of her 5 Steps to Owning a Thriving Business.

Easy Leg Strengthening for Older Individuals


After age 40, our muscles start to atrophy or get smaller.

As we age, it is very important to do exercises to maintain our muscle mass.

This exercise is a simple bodyweight exercise that you can do in order to build and maintain strength in your legs in order to keep your quality of life and maintain your activities of daily living.

Give it a try, and as always, let me know if you have any questions.

Single Leg Deadlift – Why You Should Do Them Even If You Aren’t A Body Builder

Why do I like single-leg deadlifts so much? Because they help low back pain! I used to be a figure skater, and I had low back pain I needed to rehab over the years. These helped me so much! The single-leg deadlift is simple and effective. It helps with preventing and rehabbing low back pain, as well as improving balance. You can do this with a kettlebell or dumbbell, and I would suggest that beginners can do it without any weights and still get effective exercise.

Campbell Chiropractic Gives Back

We are part of a wonderful community in London, and we want to give back!

Dr. Michelle was inspired at the London Chamber of Commerce awards early this week by Anderson Ales, a local business award winner. Congratulations!

We have decided to donate a portion of sales from one shift per month to a deserving local charity.

We will pick a different charity each month.

The choice will be based on local London charities and charities that are meaningful and special to us as staff members.

Our first charity is local to us – they are our neighbour – and is very meaningful to Tiffany.



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