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Stretches for older adults

Body aches and joint pain are common in the morning…

So here are 3 easy exercises you can do before leaving bed in the morning to relieve “Morning Stiffness Syndrome”.

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Looking for a desk stretching routine to avoid back and neck pain?

We are designed to Move! 🕺🏼

Any prolonged sitting posture is going to put strain on the spinal structures and can potentially cause pain

Unfortunately during long work or travel days it can be difficult to find opportunity to move.

Try these simple tips to break away from your sitting posture to encourage movement:

  • try not to sit in the same posture for longer than 20 min
  • static standing places the spine in extension and can also cause pain, alternate between sitting and standing 
  • increasing your water intake will not only prevent dehydration but improve circulation and get you up and walking

Dr. Sarah 


Ice or Heat?

ICE or HEAT for back pain? That’s a question patients ask me ALL the time.

Here’s my Doctor recommendation for relieving upper or lower back pain…

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