The following blog posts are based on my professional opinion of Chiropractic, my personal experience, Chiropractic adjustment options, and the effects that may or may not occur. These comments are general and are not intended to be a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of a qualified health provider with any questions you may have.

Every wonder what Chiropractors can help with?


Every wonder what Chiropractors can help with? 



Neck Pain 

Back Pain

Shoulder Pain

Poor posture

Poor sleep due to pain

Lack of energy due to pain





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Easy stretch for your chest to help with rounded shoulders and back pain

Do you have neck pain, shoulder pain, numbness, or tingling down your arms?

This exercise could help.

This is the pectoralis doorway stretch. We suggest you do both arms and you can do one arm at a time or you can do them together. We hold all stretches for 30 seconds in an uncomfortable position, but not a painful position. The pec or chest muscles have 3 different angles of muscle fibers, so we must stretch at a 90-degree angle, as well as a 45-degree angle upward and downward.


How to relieve arch and foot pain with a lacrosse ball or frozen water bottle

Foot pain is a pain in the ** FOOT ** ! 😉

This video gives you some great options to help you to stretch your arch of your foot and your plantar fascia. When you find a sore spot, add some pressure to the area to release the tension.

You can do this with a lacrosse ball or yoga tune up ball, or even a frozen water bottle.

If that doesn’t quite work to relieve your symptoms, book in with us for an appointment.

We assess the body from head to toe.

We are here to help.


How to reach your goals


Dr. Michelle speaks about the most effective way to reach your goals.

Whether this is related to your low back pain, Chiropractic care, exercise goals or any other goal you might have.

The goals should be ….. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time Oriented


SI joint dysfunction and how we can help

SI joint dysfunction can cause low back pain, hip pain, radiating pain down your back leg and various other symptoms that are frustrating and tough to deal with.

In this video, I am going to show you how the drop adjustment works for the pelvis and spine and how it can help you to alleviate your symptoms.

You can always book online for me to do a complete assessment for you.


Lumbar flexion exercise to help with recovering from back pain

In this video, I show you the lumbar flexion exercise that really helped me after I was recovering from a low back injury many years ago.  

This exercise I show is a more advanced exercise, as I am doing it with weights.  So please only do this if you are capable and start without weights to see how it feels before progressing.  This is standing lumbar flexion.  Stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart and in good posture with shoulders back and head up, and slowly bend forward at the waist, moving each spinal segment individually from your neck all the way down to your tailbone. Reach your hands down towards your feet as far as you can comfortably go without pain, and hold this position for two to three seconds and with your arms hanging.  You can add a bit of a slow sway if it feels good. Then, do the opposite and slowly raise up, spinal segment by segment, and return to the starting position.

If you are performing the low back flexion exercise and the symptoms worsen, you feel severe pain or pain down your legs, STOP the exercise and seek expert advice. 



Drop adjustments for severe low back pain

Are you concerned about the “pop” you hear during a manual adjustment?

Although a manual adjustment is very safe and the right move for the right population, there are alternatives.

At Campbell Chiropractic Centre, we offer DROP adjustments that are safe and effective.

No pops or clicks, but all the results.




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