Sleep tips from Dr. Michelle

Sleep is so important!

It is when our bodies rest and repair and heal.


Here are some quick and simple tips for getting the best night sleep.

– have a great bedroom environment that is dark with minimal noise

– comfortable bed and pillow

– no screens before bed

– exercise (but not before bed)

– good diet and no alcohol before bed (it disturbs sleep)

– look into a magnesium or melatonin supplement if needed (talk to your health practitioner)

– get out in the sunshine during the day

– go to bed and get up at the same time each day

– deep breathes and relax your nervous system


Good night and sweet dreams!



Back sore from picking up your kids?

Are you a new parent with a sore back?

Here are some tips!

In this video, Dr. Michelle shows you the easiest and most efficient way to pick up and put down your baby to avoid pain and strain on your low back.


Top tips to avoid pain in your back and neck while feeding your baby


Ensuring the parent and baby are the most comfortable with minimal strain on their bodies creates a happy feeding experience. In this video, I talk about the position of baby and parent to avoid repetitive neck and back strain for the parent while also keeping the babies neck balanced side to side.


Sit stand desk? What to do when working from home?

Sore after a long day at work? Looking for a sit stand desk but don’t want to spend thousands? This desk converter version has worked well for us. The best spinal position is a varied position! Hope this helps you.


There are many great options of these out there. Based on reviews in how solid it was built and ease of use to raise up and down, Chris chose the VIVO Black Height Adjustable 36inch stand up desk converter on Happy hunting!