3 low back movements to do when you sit all day

Here is an effective and simple stretch to help with low back pain when sitting down all day.

You’ll also learn one of the most common mistakes not to make when trying to stretch your low back.

Give it a try and let us know how it goes!

Key tips: go slowly and with an easy flowing motion, push yourself to the end range of motion and don’t do it if it hurts!



Dr. Laura joins CCC

We are so excited to have Dr. Laura Gravelle join our team!
She has 17 years experience as a seasoned chiropractor.
She graduated in 2003 from Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto.
Dr. Laura is a mother of four school aged children.
She enjoys working out, reading and creative outlets of painting, meditation and journaling.
She believes, to truly live our best lives, we are meant to find balance and live in a state that encompasses bliss and joy.
You can book your new patient appointment directly into her schedule online at:
Welcome to CCC, Dr. Laura!!!

Superman, to the rescue!

The superman is a great exercise to help to strengthen your gluts, upper back, low back and spine in general.

Hold for a few seconds, rest, and repeat.

There should not be any pain associated with this exercise.


Sleep tips from Dr. Michelle

Sleep is so important!

It is when our bodies rest and repair and heal.


Here are some quick and simple tips for getting the best night sleep.

– have a great bedroom environment that is dark with minimal noise

– comfortable bed and pillow

– no screens before bed

– exercise (but not before bed)

– good diet and no alcohol before bed (it disturbs sleep)

– look into a magnesium or melatonin supplement if needed (talk to your health practitioner)

– get out in the sunshine during the day

– go to bed and get up at the same time each day

– deep breathes and relax your nervous system


Good night and sweet dreams!