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How I had a natural and drug free twin birth

It is hard to believe that my twins are almost one year old!

Look at these two cuties  (I am might be a little biases .. haha)

I thought I would share a video I did when these babes were only 3 months old. In this video, I talk about how I was able to experience a natural and drug free twin birth (which was my goal!). I am so proud of this incredible experience I was able to have.  I give you some tips so they may also help you to achieve your birth plan.




How should I sit at my desk?

Check out this image with some great tips for better positioning while at work.

The most important line on this picture is the top line ….


That is the key – keep moving everyone!




Rib release

Hi everyone!

Here is a video for those of you that might have some mid back or rib pain. This rib release is a great addition to your massage and adjustments to help stretch the area at home.


Happy New Year 2018

Happy New Year!

In this video, I share my New Year’s resolutions with you.  I hope you find it useful and maybe it will give you a few ideas to think about to take into 2018.

Sending you all health, happiness and joy for 2018!



Top 20 under 40 Award

I was honoured as one of the Top 20 under 40 award winners of 2017 and I had an amazing time. I wrote down my thoughts for my speech, as I was emotional accepting this award and wouldn’t have been able to say them any other way.

The people I love were there, supporting me to accept an award for doing the thing I love the most – Chiropractic.

Damn … I am lucky ….


I am so incredibly grateful to be receiving this award tonight, in front of so many successful alumni and business people here, as well as in front of my loving family and best friends.

I believe I was meant to be a Chiropractor. When I graduated, I had the passion and drive to change the world and that passion and drive are as strong as ever today. I want to be a positive influence in people’s lives and help people from the inside out – from a philosophical approach that the human body is amazing and is capable of great healing.

As a sole female business owner and professional, there have been many challenges. My mistakes have taught me, and my successes have encouraged me. Hearing my patients tell me that they feel better than they have in years, they have their life back and that they are healing from all types of conditions… that it what inspires me to keep going.

I would not be where I am today without the support and love of the amazing people in my life. My parents have shown me hard work and fostered my independence. My husband has encouraged my self-confidence and loves me for everything that I am. My 6-month-old twins have helped me to develop patience, be more time efficient and have opened my heart up to a love that I never knew was possible.

To the judges and fellow award winners – thank you for choosing me as one of the winners honoured here tonight and thank you all for being incredible examples that our community continues to be in great hands for its’ future.”


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